Voice Reminders

This automated phone reminding service enables you to contact your patients for a variety of reasons, such as confirming or scheduling appointments. There is no need for the front office staff to be occupied by spending time verifying patient appointments – Reminders will do it for them!


  • Saves staff hours
  • Reduced patient No-Show rates
  • Greater scheduling control
  • Increased revenue possible
  • Frees front office staff to handle more important tasks

The problem

If you don’t call tomorrow’s appointments today

  • 15 to 22 % of the people you need to care for won’t show up. 
  • 15 to 22 % of your appointments now need to be re-scheduled. 
  • 15 to 22 % of today’s revenue is gone.

The typical solutions

Purchase a system to call patients

  • Spend $5,000 to $15,000 for an antiquated hardware solution.
  • Dedicate staff to learning their software
  • Dedicate staff to maintaining the computer system
  • Dedicate floor space to a computer you can’t use during the day

- Or -

Call your patients personally

  • Dedicate critical staff to call all scheduled appointments and thus delay necessary clinical duties.

You strive for

  • Fewer than 5% no-shows
  • Happy and Healthy patients
  • Satisfied patients
  • An organized and efficient office
  • A robust bottom line 

QSIDental Offers:

  • Individualized customer profiles
  • Recognizes a live person
  • Recognizes an answering machine
  • QSIDental EDI Support at no additional cost
  • Messages in a variety of languages
  • Concise reporting
  • Implementation and Interface at no additional cost
  • Multiple messaging available
  • Efficiently manages multiple sites
  • Available multiple household messages–one message per household noting multiple patient appointments

How Voice Reminder Works

  • Your appointment schedule is automatically scanned for patients three days (you can choose the time frame) prior to the appointment date.
  • The patient data is retrieved by QSIDental EDI and sent to the Call Center.
  • A human recorded voice, with your practice’s custom message, will inform your patients of their scheduled appointment date and time, and any other information that you’d like to convey.
  • The results will then be uploaded to your system, automatically updating your schedule. A concise report is also generated for your review.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What are the facts about appointment confirmation?
A recent Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) study shows that the average no-show rate for a practice that does not do appointment confirmation calls is between 18 and 22 percent. This same study reveals effective confirmation calling will reduce the “No-Show” rate to approximately 5%.

2.  Is the reminder message important?
Yes! The message is critical. A simple appointment confirmation is seldom as effective as a message crafted to address the practice's no-show issues.  A properly crafted message will reduce the rate to the lowest level possible.

3.  What are the financial impacts of automated confirmations?
Using the MGMA numbers as a guide, a practice can expect to see a revenue increase between 15.8 and 21.7 percent. For example, if the practice sees 20 patients per day and has a 15 percent no-show rate, then three no-shows per day would be expected.

With QSIDental EDI Reminders, no-shows should drop to one per day - A net gain of two visits per day. Using 20 workdays per month times the additional two visits per day, the practice would expect to see 40 more patients per month. Multiply this by the practice’s average charge per patient and the results speak for themselves. 

4.  What are the operational benefits of automated confirmation?
Overbooking is no longer an issue since automated confirmation reduces the need to double book in order to compensate for no-shows. Patients will have shorter wait times and will be happier. Second, office staff will not be rescheduling 18 to 22 percent of appointments. Finally, this will relieve the staff to focus on programs which have greater patient impact, such as patient planning and collections.

5.  We already confirm appointments; can you improve our results?
Yes. QSIDental EDI Reminders can perform calling tasks far more efficiently and effectively than people can. The reason is simple: automated confirmations allow a targeted message to reach each patient, regardless of the caller's mood, time of day, or general demeanor. 

6.  I already call my patients
We can do it cheaper and more effectively.  We make every attempt to call each target 15 times - the most allowable under current FCC regulations.  Our cost per call is significantly less than the cost of staff calling.  Office staff is free to perform patient care or tasks a computer cannot perform.

7.  I already have an in-house reminder solution
QSIDental EDI offers flexibility and dedication towards constant functionality improvements, something you can’t get with most reminder solutions.

8.  It doesn’t seem very personal
Compared to a person – it is not personal. Voice Reminder is much more effective at delivering messages, but it is not the same as a person. It is important to stress that the practice using Voice Reminders is trying to enhance personal care in the office by eliminating the extra task of confirming appointments. Text messaging is available.

9.  I don't think we have a no-show problem?
Most practices that do not call and do not think they have a no-show problem have a no-show problem and don't know it. Because practices regularly overbook to smooth demand, the real problem is carefully hidden.

10.  Can’t we just send the patient an email?
No, that is a HIPAA violation.

How do you get started?

Contact the QSIDental EDI department for pricing and enrollment information at 949-255-2600. Implementation, including installation, setup and testing, takes approximately 2 weeks.


Please contact me with more information:

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