Patient Statements and Correspondence

From design to distribution, QSIDental EDI automates the entire process, reducing labor and printing costs associated with in-house production of patient statements and other patient correspondence including appointment reminders, budget and collection letters, practice announcements and holiday greetings.

  • Create professional, easy-to-read paper and/or statements
  • Customize with your practice’s logo
  • Create personalized message areas
  • Apply automatic USPS address verification
  • Ensure prompt delivery of all statements
  • Speed payment and reduce A/R days

Patient Statement Processing

QSIDental EDI offers high quality professional-looking patient statements along with patient address verification, forwarding and reporting. The QSIDental EDI Patient Statement Service is fully integrated with the QSI software system. Standard statement options include: a variety of color choices, practice logos printed to the statement header, custom statement backers that can be used for advising your patients of your practice policies, insurance information, clinic locations, and more. There are no costs associated in the implementation, training, and support of QSIDental EDI’s Patient Statement Service.

How Does the QSIDental Statement Service Work?

Statements are generated on your QSI system directly into a storage file for pick up by QSIDental EDI that night.  QSIDental EDI will connect to your system every night, scan for any files that are ready to be processed, and retrieve those files.  The next day a report will be on your system detailing the number of statements retrieved, with the total dollar amount for the statements.  Additionally, two days after the statements are processed, a final confirmation report will be sent detailing the total number mailed. 

QSIDental EDI’s Patient Statement Features and Benefits

  • Dramatically reduces staff workload and increases efficiency
  • Automated address corrections and mail forwarding with automated results posting when utilizing FastForward
  • Practice logos printed to statement
  • Auditing functions check for duplicate submissions and missed files
  • Automated confirmation results posted within 24 hours of file processing
  • Execute cycle billing without impacting your office staffs' time
  • Heavyweight, professional paper stock - professional image
  • Customized statement backers
  • Your choice of many brilliant statement colors

Patient Correspondence

Improve communication and strengthen your image using standard and custom-tailored cards and letters. QSIDental EDI helps you achieve this with high quality cards and letters that can be electronically generated and used for such purposes as: recalls, appointment reminders, budget letters, birthday wishes, general announcements, and holiday greetings. As with most QSIDental EDI services, there are no costs incurred for the implementation, training and EDI support of the QSIDental EDI Eligibility Service.

How does it work?

Cards and letters are generated on your QSI system, saved to a storage file, and ready for pick-up by the QSIDental EDI department. QSIDental EDI connects to your system nightly, scans for any files that are ready to be processed, and retrieves those files. The next day a report will be posted to your system detailing the number of cards and letters received. Additionally, two days after the cards and letters are processed, a final confirmation report will be sent detailing the total number mailed. For more detailed information see chart below.


QSI’s FastForward Service allows you to have your patients’ statements automatically forwarded to their new addresses for those who have moved and left their forwarding information with the USPS. QSI will not only forward your patient statements, we will also send back to you an electronic report, indicating the patient name, account, old address and new address, that can be used to automatically update your patients’ account information; no more data entry. QSI’s FastForward Service enables you to automatically and promptly update your existing patient files as well as providing you with an efficient method of facilitating your billing and collection processes. 

Direct Deposit

Expedite patient payment posting while increasing accuracy and consistency utilizing the QSI Direct Deposit Service. All patient statement remittance will be mailed to a secure lockbox, where they are processed within 24 hours of receipt, and electronically transferred into your practice’s bank account. A report listing all of your patient payment information is then returned to you and used to automatically update your patients’ records, eliminating hours of data entry.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How quickly can we start?
Minimal training and setup is required, so you can begin within a week of submitting the purchase order.

2.  What if I want to review my statements before they go out?
You can simply run your statements into a spooler and review them.  Then print the spooler into the storage file when you are ready to have them retrieved.

3.  What if my statements are currently generated in my overnight processor?
We can set up your overnight processor to put the statements into your storage files, and they will be picked up the next night by QSI.

4.  How can I generate statements for multiple locations with different addresses within one clinic?
We will set up your overnight processor to generate your statements—using each unique address—into a separate storage file for retrieval and processing.

5.  What if we want to include statement "stuffers"?
You can send the inserts or flyers to QSI prior to your statement run and we will include them with the statement for an additional three cents per statement.

6.  If I am on the East Coast and QSI is on the West Coast, won’t it take longer for the statement to reach the patient?
No. Our printing facility is located next to the postal facility at a major airport, so the mail will be delivered overnight, taking approximately the same amount of time as it would if you mailed the statements yourself.

7.  We have different businesses set up by clinic. Will we be billed separately?
Based on your needs, QSI has the ability to bill each office separately or to your central business office.

How do you get started?

Contact the QSIDental EDI department for pricing and enrollment information at 949-255-2600. Implementation, including installation and setup, requires 5-7 days for completion.

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