NewTom Imaging NEW!

Choose QSIDental and Biolase as your dental imaging technology partner

NewTom imaging in 2D and 3D imaging is now available from our partner Biolase, a globally trusted name in dental imaging.

Why choose imaging technology from QSIDental?

The NewTom offering from QSIDental offers a one-stop shop for imaging and practice management. Plus it’s an integrated imaging solution using the industry-leading Apteryx interface.

The hybrid modality of digital imagery, digital panoramic, digital cephlometric and CV/CT all in one unit is perfect for growing practices. NewTom provides 2D technology that is upgradeable to 3D as needs and demand increase.

NewTom VG3: First in cone beam, accurate in results

Grow your NewTom system as your practice grows.

The all-new VG3, a modular hybrid 2D/3D system, can start as a digital 2D panoramic X-ray system, perfect for replacing a traditional film-based panoramic unit. Later, at any time, upgrade to add a cephalometric sensor system, and/or 3D cone-beam-computed-tomography (CBCT).

  • Large FOV includes entire mandible and maxilla for a complete diagnosis
  • New generation of NNT Software for all types of image reconstructions and analyses
  • A dedicated digital system provides a full range of information
  • Greater patient comfort for better treatment acceptance
  • Margin of error reduced from its precise 1:1 scale and a 16-bit grey scale
  • SafeBeam™ Technology adjusts the radiation dosage for patient safety
  • Simple upgradability to 3D and Ceph gives added value

NewTom VG1: True medical-grade imaging with a fraction of the cost and radiation exposure

Best-in-Class Performance

  • Medical-grade rotating anode
  • Up to 50% higher image resolution
  • Up to 50% smaller slice thickness
  • Adjustable field of view (FOV)
  • Fast image reconstruction


  • SafeBeam™ technology reduces radiation dose
  • Less than 4 seconds of total exposure


  • Open-environment for patient comfort
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Small footprint

Ease of Use

  • Standard DICOM compatible with 3rd party applications
  • Viewer and sharing application included

How do you get started?

Call today to learn more about our special offers on NewTom technology.  Contact us or call 800-855-7955 to speak with a representative.

NewTom is a trademark of Biolase, Inc.


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